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Graphics Application Information

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Graphics Application Information

Post by [Admin]Insane on Sat May 25, 2013 5:07 am

Note: If you do not meet these requirements, it is best if you do not make an application because it will most likely be denied.

• You must be active
• You must be prepared to do a request
• You must have knowledge of PhotoShop, yes PhotoShop. (This means you should already have PhotoShop, I will provide a cracked one if needed)
• You need a Skype account
• You must have five completed previous work
• You must be dedicated and loyal to ExhilirateMS
• You must know what you're doing...
• You must know how to at least make a perfect animation banner
  • Graphics application will be handled by Veracity


Name :

In-game Name :

Age :

Time zone :

Location :

Three of your best pieces (Please private message me with the project file, therefore you have proof that these are made by you, and not stolen from some inactive devianART members) :

Contact :

Extra Information :

*Failure to follow the format will result in an auto deny from the Staff.
**If you were already denied, do not make another application until two weeks have passed since you were denied.[list][*]

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