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GameMaster Application Information

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GameMaster Application Information

Post by [Admin]Insane on Sat May 25, 2013 5:13 am

Note: If you do not meet these requirements, it is best if you do not make an application because it will most likely be denied.

- Your speaking and typing skills must be 95% English fluent.
- You must be experienced with MapleStory private servers.
- You must have been a Staff member in another MapleStory private server.
- You know most of the aspects of ExhilirateMS.
- You are not a troll or a person that likes to fool around a lot.
- You are here to support the server, not just for a position on the Staff.
- You are going to be playing the server for more than two months.
- You need a Skype account.
- You need a Gmail account.



In-game Name:


Time zone:


Proof of you being a Game Master on another server:

What is the role of a Game Master?

When will you give out any kind of item?

How would you host an event?

How do you handle a conflicted situation?

How do you properly ban a hacker?

Extra information about you (Optional):

*Failure to follow the format will result in an auto deny from the Staff.
**If you were already denied, do not make another application until two weeks have passed since you were denied.

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