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ExhilirateMS In-Game Rules.

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ExhilirateMS In-Game Rules.

Post by [Admin]Insane on Sun May 26, 2013 5:30 am

Player Rules:

- Do not use hacking programs, bots, or anything executable not provided by ExhilirateMS.
- Do not use WZ Edits provided by other servers. You will be banned.
- Do not use another client. Use only our client.
- Do not WZ Edit our files unless approved by [Adm]Insane or [Adm]Sasuke. You will be banned.
- Do not Spam Smegas. This will lag the server. Violators will be dealt with swiftly.
- Advertising your server is not a good idea. We have provided censored protection, so if you try you DC. If you still Advertise your ugly server, you will be banned.
- Abusing a glitch instead of reporting it will be bannable, this also includes voting more then 4 times in 24 hours. If you find a glitch, report it!
- Do not Dupe anything, no equipment, stars/pots, chairs, anything. You will be banned for duping. Simple as that.
- Please, do not beg a GM, or an Owner for anything, for any reason.
- Now, if you disrespect a GM/Owner, You will be jailed as a warning. Any continuous disrespect and you will suffer consequences.
- Do NOT report anyone for KSing you. The map isn't yours, so CC or go somewhere else.
- If you steal any of our WZ files, edits, and/or intellectual property, we will destroy you.
- Don't spam potentially abusive commands such as bombs, stripping, or any other abusive command. These commands are for fun. Don't use them to piss everybody off.
- This might sound weird, but don't advertise our server (especially on other people's servers). We don't want to make enemies. We know you love us already <3
- Do not impersonate a GM or Owner. Doing so in any way will result in a ban.
- Do not attempt to profit financially or virtually, off of our intellectual property. This includes but is not limited to: all donor items, custom items made by our GFXers and VFXers, including graphics and videos. "virtual" currencies are defined as, but not limited to: credits such as Facebook credits, Nexon cash, Xats, Ultimate Gamecards, Gaia Gold, and other similar game currencies that are not part of the ExhilirateMS ingame economy.
*** Not following these rules can result in jail and/or ban..you have been warned. ***
Donator Rules:

1: Abuse of Commands
- There are certain commands that have the potential to be abused. These commands might be designed to be quirky and fun, but can be very annoying. Do not use such commands in a malicious manner. Violators will be dealt with on a case by case basis, and may be jailed or banned.

2: Items
- You may give/sell/trade your donor items to players.
- There is no such thing as an item refund. Do not ask us to exchange an item back for tickets, or exchange tickets back for your money.

3: Interaction w/ Users
- You may not warp other users or yourself to jail maps, GM Map.
- You may not warp to GMs and/or Owners unless GM or Admin wishes you to do so.
- You may not interfere in a non-public discussion with users.
*Do not intentionally warp in on people trying to have a private conversation or moment with each other.

The Bottom Line
- If you are ever banned, demoted, or somehow received some form of donator power loss, you will never get your money back, and this is a guarentee!
- Some violations will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
- This post may be updated at any time for any reason and without notice or notification to you. It is your responsibility to check here regularly.
GM Rules:
1 - Events
- You are not allowed to give more than 300 Plastic Crowns or 2 Trophy Per Player PER event.
- You are not allowed to host an event if the owner or someone that can restart the server is not on. We don't want to wait in case an event goes horribly wrong.
- An event must consist of 5 people or more.
- You must ask the owners prior to event creation.
- Guild specific events are prohibited. You may not host events that are exclusive to your guild, or restrict players from events on the basis of their guild membership.

2 - Banning:
- If you see a hacker, Ban him and report on forum immediately.
- Banning a fellow GM or Administrator is strictly forbidden.
- Do not ban a non-Hacking user without a report on the forum, which need to be accepted by the owners. Report first. Get permission. Then ban.
- You must provide a valid and descriptive ban reason, user may be unbanned unintentionally if false or invalid ban reasons are supplied.
*ban reasons are also needed in case ban appeals come up.

3 - Items:
- GM items are for GMs only. Do not give GM items to players nor donors.
- Non rare NX are to be given for free. Do not charge anything for these cash items.
- you may only give 2 Non-Rare NX items away on a daily basis.
- A medal should be around 15~20 trophy.
- Do not give away Rare NX items (regardless of rarity) without approval from an Owner.
- Do not use, spawn, or give away items that have been marked "Private" by Owners or their respective creators. If an Owner or creator of an item tells you or announces otherwise that it is private, do not use it.

4 - Sin:
-If someone violates any rules, use !dc <name> for disconnection or !jail <name> to permanently jail the user until removed by GM or Administrator.
- If user fails to cooperate or continues to violate the rules after reasonable attempts by staff to resolve any problems, make a report and speak with the admin.

5 - Spawning:
- Do not spawn excessive mobs. If there is no one online who can restart the server. This will lag the server.
- Do not use the !pmob command, if you did by accident, tell an Owner or server manager to remove it.

6 - Help:
- You must make reasonable attempts to help out the players when they request it. Restrictions:
*You can give them buffs, but you may not join their party (or let them join your party) for the purpose of training them, letting them leech experience as you kill monsters, etc. You may not help players by weakening mobs for them. You may not give them excessive amounts of NX cash, NX items, nor give them donor items.

- You must make every reasonable attempt to help new players out in the chatbox.
- Do not stand around online afk in the free market or lay idly, wasting time, when people require your assistance. Be proactive and look for people who need help or are new.
7- Job and Responsibility:
- As a GM, you must follow rules here and rules made specifically for you by the Administrator.
- Do your best to make this server the best. (We wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!)
- If an administrator gives you a task that is too much for you to handle or not within your abilities, let them know immediately. Do not take on tasks bigger than you can chew.
- Coders and GFX will keep their jobs as long as they are productive. Making excuses and failure to do your job consistently will put you at risk for demotion. Be productive!
- Do not announce something that you know or have a feeling you won't complete. Don't get our hopes up.
- You must have {GM}_ in your name (GFX must have {GFX}_ in there name, and so on) ingame.

8 - Insulting:
- You are not to insult any user, regardless of race, sex, or gender.
- If a user insults you, be the better person and do not stoop to their level. Do not engage in name calling. you may jail the user in response to their provocations.
- If you believe the user deserves a ban, make a report, and then ask an Owner.

9 - Chat Box:
- If one spams emoticons, ban them for an hour.
- If one insults you, ban them for 2 hours
- If one insults the server, ban them forever.
- If one advertises his/her server, ban them forever.
- Make every reasonable attempt to answer players' questions regardless of how stupid the question is.
- If non-staff members have GM or Owner in his/her name, continuously kick the user until name changes.
- Do not ban or kick user for any reason other than the ones listed above.

10 - Strictly Forbidden:
- Do not use any hacking programs, editing material (WZ edit), different files, especially without an administrator's consent or knowledge.
- Do not continuously beg to the point where one will rip his/her hair out.
- Do not purposely give more work to the Owners, they are pretty busy already.
- Do not share your GM accounts with players and/or donators. You will be Banned As Simple As That.
- Do not delete other moderators topics/posts.

11 - Warping
- Do not warp players to you or to another map without appropriate reason.
- If a player annoys you for w/e reason, jail em. DO NOT mess with them by sending them on a world trip.
- If you do not want a player in a map, tell them the reason why. If the reason is VALID (map testing, npc scripting etc) and he does not leave, jail em.
INVALID REASONS ARE: (Private Map [Unless specified], chillin with your friends etc)

12 - Last Words:
- Make every reasonable attempt to be cool and friendly with other users.
- If a GM violates any of the above rules, you risk consequences.

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