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Forum Rules

Post by [Admin]Insane on Sat May 25, 2013 4:00 am

This is the official list of rules for EternityNetwork's forum.

1. False Registration Information
Anyone with false registration Information will be permanent banned with no exception.
Maximum Punishment: Permanent Banned.

2. Racism, Prejudice Attitude, Stereotyping
Racism, prejudice attitude, and stereotyping are not tolerated on these Forums.
Minimum Punishment: Infraction
Maximum Punishment: 5 day temporary ban.

3. Spamming
Do not post spam comments in any threads, in exclusion to Spam Zone. Spam includes unsubstantial posts of minimal length as well as posts that are made repetitively over a short period of time.
Exception: Spam Zone
Minimum Punishment: Warning
Maximum Punishment: Infraction

4. Credits
Please give credits to the righteous owner for the content you have used in anything of your threads.
Minimum Punishment: Infraction
Maximum Punishment: Permanent ban

5. Usernames
Creating usernames pertaining to other competitive servers, or part of the staff will lead to further consequences.
Minimum Punishment: Infraction
Maximum Punishment: IP ban.

6. Advertising
One is prohibited to advertise a server or a website in order to gain personal benefit for themselves or the website.
Minimum Punishment: Warning
Maximum Punishment: Infraction

7. Disrespecting Staff
Users should not disrespect, dispute, or object any of the Staff's decisions and actions carried out when moderating.
Exception: Spam Zone and Rage & Rant
Minimum Punishment: Warning
Maximum Punishment: Infraction

8. User Bars
No users should not create their own user bars and use it as avatar.
Minimum Punishment: Warning
Maximum Punishment: Infraction

9. Bumping Old Threads
Users may not post in threads where the last post exceeds the duration of than thirty days old without the consent of a staff member.
Exception: Spam Zone, Releases and Stickied Threads
Minimum Punishment: Warning
Maximum Punishment: Infraction

10. Backseat Moderation
Users may not post assertive comments obliging users to follow the rules about anything required to be moderated, unless one has a relevant reply to the thread in the same post. You shall use the report button to report something in need of moderating. Moderators and staff exist for a reason.
Minimum Punishment: Warning
Maximum Punishment: Infraction

11. Privacy
Reveal your username and password upon your own responsibility, the staff will not interfere unless required.
However, intruding another user's privacy and disclosing it within the forum will lead to a permanent ban.
Minimum Punishment: IP Ban and Account Deletion.

12. Double Posting
Rule is pretty much self-explanatory, you may not post twice or more consecutively.
Minimum Punishment: Warning

13. Pornographic Content
All pornographic images, animations or videos posted on the forums are forbidden.
Minimum Punishment: Infraction
Maximum Punishment : Temporary Ban

14. Thanks/Like Buttons
Posting your gratitude or appreciation instead of using their respective buttons.
Minimum Punishment: Deleted Posts
Maximum Punishment : Infraction

15. Redundancy
Posting something that has already been mentioned previously is not allowed.
Minimum Punishment: Deleted Post
Maximum Punishment : Infraction

16. Disrespecting Others
Insults, hateful posts, or derogatory/racist comments towards anyone in the Forums will not be tolerated.
Minimum Punishment: Warning
Maximum Punishment : Temporary Ban (Length based on content)

*Note that this thread's content may be altered under any circumstance.

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